Andes Overland

Why Andes Overland?

Why choose us?

  • Your fellow travelers could derive from different countries which means we travel in an international group.
  • We are an economic choice!
  • There is a local English and Spanish speaking guide joining us throughout the journey.
  • We travel as much as possible overland to enjoy all non-touristy parts of the country.
  • There are no obligations of joining the group to an excursion or a dinner; you only go where you want to go. The travel program as regards the destinations and optional excursions booked is definitive though and cannot be changed during the journey.
  • If you choose to book consecutive trips you will receive a discount!
  • Andes Overland is part of the experienced Tour Operator Pure! Travel group. Pure! Travel group consists of Pure! Bolivia, Pure! Peru, Pure! Ecuador & Pure! Colombia, of which all dispose of an office in the country of specialization. As organization we have seized this opportunity, bundled our knowledge and expertise and created Andes Overland, a journey of lifetime.

Good to know!

  • Since you can choose one of the six parts of the journey, a few following parts or the whole journey, the travel group changes along the ride. People join us and people leave us. Unfortunately we cannot take responsibility for the emotional damage you might incur.
  • The separated parts of the Andes Overland Journey overlap. For example the first trip ends in La Paz where you spend two nights. The people that start their journey in La Paz spend those two nights at the same moment and then we continue together.
  • It is possible to choose two of more parts of the Andes Overland that do not follow each other. If you do so, you have to find you own way from the last destination of one part to the first destination of the other.
  • If you would like to book some extra nights before or after the journey, please indicate this during the booking.
  • Transport to and from your own country to the first and last destination of an Overland travel are not included. The journey starts at the first destination and ends at the last. Plane tickets are not included.
  • All national flights are included.
  • Transfers from – and- to the airport are not included. However they can be booked with us in advance. If you prefer to not make us of this service there is always the possibility to take a taxi.
  • For the adventurous ones applies: The taxi’s from/to bus terminals or other places are not included; they need to be paid at time of use. There are some destinations that are difficult to reach by public transport. Where applicable, we have arranged private transport.
  • Pay attention to the ¨Optional Excursions¨ available during your trip, the treks need to be booked in advance. Other optional excursions could be booked a few days before. All excursions include transport.