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Colombia & Co

While driving up the dusty road you immediately notice the laid back appearance of your surroundings. The authentic yet charming Fincas, the friendly people and breathtaking nature evoke a sense of peace and solidarity. That feeling is complete when you wake up in the morning, staring out of the window while smelling the delicious aroma of fresh coffee. Coffee may have been supplanted by cocaine as Colombia’s most famous agricultural export, but nowadays the plantations make the perfect place for the curious traveler or a break of daily life.

For a long time Colombia was particularly noted for Pablo Escobar, cocaine and the FARC and therefore an absolute no – go for many travelers. However today the country is a lot safer and prepares itself and its utilities for a tourism flow. The cocaine is off the table, without getting any noses involved and the coffee region is making his comeback.

Colombia is facing increased worldwide competition in the coffee market and therefore opens their doors to guests to experience the tranquility, beautiful surroundings and friendly nature of the Colombian coffee region. The journey often starts from Manizales, Armenia or Pereira, from where you can travel through the region, passing villages, coffee farms, the Cocora Valley and many other miracles of nature.

The coffee farms give you the opportunity to learn how your morning coffee begins its journey from the lush hillsides of the area. The friendly locals will explain all you want to know and more, in their enthusiasm to share their knowledge with the world. You will learn all about how the beans are picked, sorted and dried before being shipped for export and end on your breakfast table or in your hand in a rush to work.

A visit to the coffee region of Colombia will not leave you disappointed. A fun and educational excursion to participate in with friends, family and children and a great experience to share with other (silence) coffee addicts, however even those who don’t drink coffee will even be delighted by all the region has to offer.