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Lima – Quito Comfort

We travel from capital to capital, passing beaches, ruins, volcanoes, deserts, canyons, amazon jungle, cloud forest and beautiful colonial cities. We start in Peru’s capital Lima from where we travel up north to Mancora´s famous beaches before we cross the border of Ecuador with Cuenca or Guayaquil as our next destination. You are either going to one of the most beautiful places on earth called the Galapagos Islands or to Cuenca, the most beautiful city of Ecuador. From Cuenca we continue to the real Andean landscapes of Ecuador with its volcanoes and paramo. We escape from the Andean altitude for a while to go to the cloud forest and to the Amazon for some exciting adventures before heading back to the altitude, to Quito.

Note: The optional excursions are mentioned  at the end of a day in the itenerary . You can find more information on all optional excursions on the page: Optional Excursions


Arrival in Lima / Day 1
This journey starts in Peru’s capital, Lima. If you have not arranged your transfer with us you can order a cab to get to the hotel! Once arrived at the hotel you meet your fellow travelers and guide during the briefing at 17:00pm. Except for the briefing we did not plan anything for today, it is important to get a good rest and be ready for the start of your exciting Andes Overland journey.
Exploring Lima / Day 2
We wake up in a bustling city where there is a lot to see and to do. Discover the city by yourself or go with us on the city tour we offer. Afterwards you have the afternoon free to wander around, read a book, or take a rest. The truly adventurous people among us could go paragliding in the district of Miraflores! Optional Excursion: City tour Lima
Flight to Trujillo! / Day 3
Today we leave the capital to go up to the northern part of the country. Private transport is arranged to bring us to the airport where we catch a flight to Trujillo. When we arrive there, a driver is waiting to bring us to our hotel. Later that day, you can join us on the optional excursion we offer. The tour will guide you to the area´s most interesting places, to name, the Chan Chan complex, the Huanchacho beach and the Arco Iris Temple. We return in time for dinner. Optional excursion: Chan Chan complex, the Huanchacho beach and the Arco Iris Temple.
Off to Chiclayo / Day 4
Today we travel by means of private transport to the city of Chiclayo, where we arrive around noon. For later today, another optional tour has been organized however you can also choose to discover Chiclayo and it surroundings by youself! The tour takes us to Tucume and Huaca Las Balsas, which are both really worth visiting! Our hotel is located in Chiclayo. Optional Excursion: Tucume & Huaca Las Balsas.
Day at Chiclayo / Day 5
Today is a day at leisure which you can spend in any way you like. If you´re interested you can join us to Huaca Rajada and Huaca Ventarron, which are archaeological sites or visit the incredible Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, which is known as one of the most impressing museums of South America. Optional excursions: Huaca Ventarron, Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum, and Huaca Rajada
Mancora & Punta Sal / Day 6
Vamos a la playa! As soon as we finished breakfast we are ready to go to Mancora! Once we arrive in Mancora we go directly to our hotel that is located in Punta Sal, twenty minutes from Mancora. The only thing that rests us after this long travel is lying down on the beach, watching the sunset, eating a delicious fishy meal (like ceviche!) and maybe even ordering an exotic cocktail.
Punta Sal / Day 7
You have a whole free day ahead of you! There are no optional tours organized by us, but we are glad to help you book a surfing class, a horseback riding tour or another activity. You can also go into town and score some souvenirs or just lie down on the beach and enjoy the sun and the sea.
Cuenca, or Detour to Galapagos Islands! / Day 8
Being fully rested of the time we spent on the beach, we are ready to cross the border. Today we are going to Ecuador! We first drive to the border, which is close to Mancora. Once we passed the border we continue our trip to Cuenca. However from here, we also offer a detour to the Galapagos Islands for those who are interested. If you booked the extra tour to the Galapagos Islands, you are heading to Guayaguil instead of Cuenca, here you spend the night before leaving to Paradise! Check Galapagos Islands under Optional excursions for more information on the Galapagos. We meet again in Tena or in Quito, depending on the length of your stay on the Galapagos.
Cuenca / Day 9
Today we have a free day to enjoy Cuenca’s colonial wonders. You can choose to do the city tour with us to learn about the history behind the city of Cuenca, or you can explore the city by yourself. The tour takes about three to four hours and is included.
A trip to Cajas National Park! / Day 10
After breakfast we go to the incredible Cajas National Park. A full day of hiking in the fantastic Paramo wetlands awaits us. There are easy and tougher one-day hikes throughout the park that all can be done without a guide. Be prepared to bring warm and waterproof clothing plus your lunch as we spend the whole day outside. If we are lucky and patient enough, wildlife can be spotted. In the late afternoon we travel back to the hotel.
Alausi & Ingapirca / Day 11
Today we are going to Alausí. On the way to Alausí we make a stop to enjoy an excursion to the Ingapirca Ruins, this excursion is included. After we will continue our trip to Alausi.
Alausi & Baños / Day 12
We wake up in a small town called Alausi that is well known for its famous train, the Devil’s Nose. In the morning we get on this train which is the world’s most complicated train track ever constructed. We take a zigzag ride on this rail road while we enjoy the beautiful Andean landscapes around us. The train takes us to the Conder Puñana museum where we can also attend a dance presentation performed by local people. Once we get back in Alausi we continue our journey to the adventurous village of Baños where our hotel is located.
Baños / Day 13
Baños is a cute village on the foothills of the mighty and in these times very active Tungurahua Volcano. Although it seems all very cute, Baños is widely known for its sheer endless options of adventure and extreme sports activities. We can go bungee jumping, rafting, mountain biking, puenting, canyoning, climbing, downhilling, drive gocarts on the streets and do much more. If we want to do something more calm there are some good options as well. We can have a relaxing bath in the thermal pools or we take a nightdrive up to a viewpoint from where we can see the Tungurahua erupting and spilling its glowing lava down to its feet. The excursion offered by us a mountain bike tour passing a lot of waterfalls until we reach the Pailon the Diablo. hose who are in need of some relaxation can book the steam massage Baños is famous for! Optional excursion: Mountain bike route de las Cascadas
From Baños to the Amazon / Day 14
Today we will get up early to enjoy a wonderful hike to the waterfalls of Pailon the Diablo! After this hike we drive to Tena, the gateway to the Ecuadorian Amazon. Since Tena is located right next to the Napo River, Tena is dedicated to all sorts of watersports. So if you are thinking about more action, leave the rafting part for Tena. Here, the best river rapids can be reached and complete day packages can be booked. However the program we included today might be interesting as well. Accompanied by a local guide we head in to the jungle for a beautiful hike to a waterfall or we will bring a visit to the local community. As we arrive at our lodge we decide what we are up to. Here we meet again with our fellow travelers that went to the Galapagos. Optional excursion: Half day rafting.
Adventure in the Amazon! / Day 15
We have a free day which you can spend in a lot of different ways. You still have the option to book one of the exciting rafting activities or to join us for another exciting day in the Amazon, however there are no obligations today and you can also spend your free day in a different way. At night, when we go to sleep, we hear the sounds of crickets and birds around us which makes it a perfect place for a good night rest. Optional excursion: Full day Rafting
Tena - Papallacta / Day 16
After breakfast we take a short bus ride to Papallacta where you can wander around in the mountainous natural area. In the evening we can go to the extraordinary thermal bath-areas close by where we can give our bodies some rest in the minerals and recover from our adventures in Baños and Tena.
Cotopaxi National Park! / Day 17
Today we visit the most spectacular volcano of Ecuador, the Cotopaxi! We will travel to the Cotopaxi by private transport , once there you will have the time to enjoy the beautiful National Park of Cotopaxi. Ofcourse we go today on a beautiful hike! The hike is quite tough due to the height, but once you manage you will be rewarded with a stunning view. Close to the park is a nice hacienda located where we spend the night.
Off to Quito / Day 18
Goodmorning! If you like you can book the optional horseback riding tour, which departs early in the morning from the hacienda where we have spent the night. After, we continue our trip by private transport from the Cotopaxi to the capital of Ecuador, Quito. Optional Excursions: Horseback Riding El Porvenir.
Exploring Quito / Day 19
Today we are going to see with our own eyes why Quito was one of the first cities declared as World Cultural Heritage by UNESCO. You can go discover this by yourself or you let us guide you through the ancient streets of the historical centre before we take you to the middle of the world. Optional excursion: City tour Quito & Mitad del Mundo.
The end? / Day 20
This is already the last day of Andes Overland Lima - Quito! Hopefully satisfied and full of good memories we head back home or we hop on to our next destination, Otavalo.


  • 1. English Speaking guide throughout the entire tour
  • 2. Private transport throughout the journey
  • 3. Accommodation based on double rooms including breakfast
  • 4. National flight Lima - Trujillo
  • 5. Visits to Cajas National Park, Papallacta Thermal Baths, The Ingapirca Ruins and Cotopaxi National park
  • 6. 3 days/2 nights in the Amazon including all meals & the Jungle tours accompanied by a local guide
  • 7. Ticket for the train ride Devils nose
  • 8. City tour Cuenca

Not Included

  • 1. Not mentioned meals, personal expenses, extras and tips
  • 2. Additional service or optional excursions
  • 3. International flight tickets

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