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This Andes Overland journey starts in Peru’s pearl, Cusco. This small city in the middle of the mountains at an altitude 3400 meter is not just as special for its own beautiful architecture and pleasant atmosphere, if not for its surroundings. From Cusco we visit the impressive Sacred Valley of the Inca’s where we stay the night, before we return to Cusco. The next day we travel to one of the seven world wonders, the hidden Inca village built on a mountain with an amazing view over the forest, the Machu Picchu. Just when we think it can´t get any better, we travel on to Arequipa to visit the Colca Canyon, another breathtaking Andean beauty. We spend a few days here before we go up north heading towards Lima while we pass some penguins and seals. In Lima we have to say goodbye, unless you continue the Andean journey with us going to Ecuador!

Note: The optional excursions are mentioned  at the end of a day in the itenerary . You can find more information on all optional excursions on the page: Optional Excursions


Arrival Cusco / Day 1
The most popular destination of Peru is our first destination of this Andean Overland journey. We have arrived in Cusco! Once the epicenter of the Inca Empire, buried in the heart of the mysterious Sacred Valley, Cusco offers a magical combination of ancient religious sanctity and colonial splendor. Unquestionably the archaeological capital of the Americas and the oldest inhabited city on the continent, Qosqo (Cusco in Quechua) has been declared the historical capital of Peru. This town is so shrouded in mystery that it is impossible to separate the facts of its history from fiction. The Inca legends of Cusco are proudly remembered by the Quechua-speaking descendants of the Incas who still live amidst the original stonework that was laid down in 1100 AD. The more recent Spanish colonial influence manifests itself in ornate cathedrals such as La Compañia and mansions piled with priceless treasures. Take your time to get used to the altitude of the city (3400 meter). We spend our first night here in this lovely city.
Cusco / Day 2
Today we are in Cusco where we offer a variety of options on how to spend your day(s). You can join us on our city tour to learn about the architecture and history of Cusco or another option is to book the two or four day hiking trek through the Andes. There are two different treks that leave from Cusco and end at Machu Picchu: the Inka Trail and the Lares Trek. Of course, our program continuous as well so you don´t have to book one of the trails! In the end we all visit the Machu Picchu on the same day and return back to Cusco with the whole group. Optional Trails: Inca Trail 4 days & Lares Trek 4 days
Cusco - Sacred Valley / Day 3
Close to Cusco is the famous Sacred Valley of the Incas located. Early in the morning we are heading in this direction. When we arrive in the valley, we first visit the Pisac Indian Market which attracts thousands of visitors and people from remote communities dressed in their colorful traditional attire. After having walked around on the market, we have lunch. In the afternoon we go see the Ollantaytambo Ruins, named after the chief Ollanta, who was famous for courting an Inca Princess daughter of Pachacutec. One of its best preserved areas known as Hanan Hucayapata is located north of the main square and contains 15 states built with elegantly crafted stone walks. In a small village in the Sacred Valley, called Urumbamba, we spend the night.
Sacred Valley - Pueblo Machu Picchu / Day 4
Today we take the vistadome train to Pueblo Machu Picchu. Here we can enjoy the pleasant hot springs of Mandor and get some rest and to prepare yourself for the big day! Tonight we sleep in Pueblo Machu Picchu which gives us the great advantage of being able to enter the Machu Picchu early in the morning as one of the first tourists. Optional Trail: Inca Trail 2 days
Exploring Machu Picchu! / Day 5
This is a special day. We are going to visit the Machu Picchu. Many people come to Peru just to visit the Machu Picchu since it was nominated as one of the seven world wonders. Today we are the lucky ones to see this wonder with our own eyes. We can do so by walking the crazy amount of stairs or we go by bus. It´s up to you! The ruins were discovered in 1911 by the explorer Hiram Bingham. This citadel is considered to be one of the most extraordinary examples of architecture landscapes in the world. Located in an enclave on the saddle of a mountain, overlooking the deep canyon of the Urubamba River, in an area of lush tropical forest, this site served as a place of worship, a site for star-gazing and a private hacienda of the family of the Inca Pachacutec. Machu Picchu consists of two main areas: one agricultural, formed mainly by mountains and food stores, and the other urban, which is seen as a sacred zone with its temples, squares and royal tombs. The stairways and canals carved out of stone are recurrent throughout this remarkable archaeological wonder. An English speaking guide shows and explains us everything there is to know .Today we meet again with those who did a trek. At the end of the day we return back to Cusco.
Flight to Arequipa / Day 6
It is time to say goodbye to Cusco. Don’t be sad though, because we are going to the next destination, the beautiful city of Arequipa. In the afternoon you will have some time off to explore the city! We recommend to visit the ancient Santa Catalina monastery, which is still partially inhabited by nuns. Fun fact, the monastery is famous for it turbulent history regarding the exuberant lifestyle of the nuns including personal slaves and a enormous wine cellar. Their behaviour lasted until the pope interfered and put an end to it. Tomorrow we leave Arequipa to visit the Colca Canyon however we also offer the Colca Canyon 3 day trek. If you book this optional trek, you leave today from Arequipa to the Colca Canyon. Optional Excursion/Trek: Colca Canyon 3-day trek
The Colca Canyon! / Day 7
One of the main reasons for going to Arequipa is to visit the Colca Canyon, an incredible canyon with spectacular landscapes and views. Today travel by private transport to Colca, a neat little village in the Colca Canyon. In the afternoon you have some free time to spend.
Time to work / Day 8
After a nice breakfast at our hotel it is time to work! A local villager takes us to his home and together we plan the work that needs to be done today. We cannot exactly define what this day looks like (surprise!) as it depends on the season and the weekday. However, the normal activities run – among others – from support in the fields, herding animals, the preparation of land for sowing, or harvesting. Lunch is not included today, though we are able to arrange something if you would like. In the afternoon, we return to our hotel where we have free time. There are plenty of things we can do here, so we won’t get bored. Activities such as hiking, horseback riding and biking are all possible. These activities are not included in the trip, but just request them and we will make it happen! Please note: The local people we are working with today do not speak English, so it is kind of useful to speak a few Spanish words. You could for example use your free time or travel time to learn some.
Cruz del Condor / Day 9
Today we start our day very early (breakfast at 6 am), but it´s for a good reason. We are going to the “Cruz del Condor” to spot, you might have guessed, Condors! Here we have time enough for an enjoyable view of the deep of the Canyon and, if the weather permits, majestic pictures of the flight of the Condors. When we are totally sure we got a good shot of the Condor, we go for a short walk near the Canyon (1 hour aprox.). On the way back to Chivay, we visit the traditional village of Pinchollo and the “Antahuilque viewpoint”, where we can observe wonderful 1,500 year-old terraces constructed by the Collaguas, a culture well before the Inca´s time. Another stop we make is at the viewpoint of “Choquetico”, where we can take a look at the Titomaqueta (A terrace model drawn in a rock). The tour continues visiting the town of Maca, an Andean community that experienced an earthquake in November of 1991 and the town of Yanque, with the most beautiful church in the valley. After this busy morning we return to Chivay, have lunch and take the route back to Arequipa.
Journey to Nazca / Day 10
Today we have a long journey ahead of us. Enjoy the beautiful views or take a nap! However, there is no need to worry. We travel by private transport and it will all be worth it once we arrive in Nazca where we will stay the night.
Nazca - Ica / Day 11
The morning is at leisure, so you can choose whether you want to do the optional tour or spend your morning in another way. The optional tour we offer is a flight over the Nazca Lines, the famous highlight of Nazca. After this tour, or after your free morning, we take a short bus ride to Ica, where our hotel is located. Here you can take the afternoon free or do the excursion to Huacachina, an oasis in the middle of the sand hills of the desert, where we go sand boarding. Optional excursions: Flight over Nazca & Sandboarding in Huacachina.
Ica - Paracas - Lima / Day 12
Today we included an excursion by boat to the Ballestas Island , where we can enjoy the presence of several species. In the afternoon, after the excursion, we travel to Lima.
Lima / Day 13
We wake up in a bustling city where there is a lot to see and to do. Discover the city by yourself or join us on our optional city tour! Afterwards you have the afternoon free to wander around, read a book, or enjoy the afternoon sun. Optional excursion: City tour Lima
The end? / Day 14
Sadly enough this is the last day of the trip. We go to the airport by taxi or by transfer so you can catch your flight back home. Hopefully you have enjoyed the journey! If you are not going home yet we continue our trip up north to Trujillo.


  • 1. Most transfers included
  • 2. All mentioned hotel nights based on Doubleroom accommodation with breakfast
  • 3. Private transport throughout the journey
  • 3. Entrance fees, guides tour and busses to/from Machu Picchu
  • 4. City tour Cusco by foot
  • 5. Excursion to Ballestas island
  • 6. Vistadome train to Pueblo Machu Picchu

Not Included

  • 1. Not mentioned meals, personal expenses, extras and tips
  • 2. Additional service or optional excursions
  • 3. International flight tickets

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