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The country of handsome people and delicious coffee. What else do you need? Well, Colombia has way more to offer: beautiful colonial cities, small picturesque villages, Lord of the Rings like landscapes and white beaches. And we are going to see it all! We start our Andean Overland journey in the capital of Colombia, Bogota. After passing some small Andean villages we eventually reach the coast of the country. Here we can enjoy a real life paradise called Tayrona. The journey ends back in the city, in Cartagena, also situated on the coast and the last destination of Andes Overland.

Note: The optional excursions are mentioned  at the end of a day in the itenerary . You can find more information on all optional excursions on the page: Optional Excursions


Arrival in Bogota / Day 1
On the very first day of this Overland journey, we arrive in Bogota, the biggest Metropolis and capital of Colombia right in the middle of the Andean plateau. For tourists the city can be separated in two important areas: there is the old Candelaria Historic District with colonial houses and the government buildings and then there is the modern Bogotá more up to the north where we find all sort of shops, restaurant and bars surroundend by brick constructions all over. In this marvellous city we spend our night.Take your time to get used to the hight. Tomorrow we will show you the city!
Bogota / Day 2
We awake in Bogota, high on an Andean plateau. The sprawling metropolis has two main areas of interest for the tourist: the narrow colonial streets and official buildings of the Candelaria district, and the more upscale north, with shopping, restaurants and nightlife. As you'd expect, there is a lot to see! (Optional excursion: City Tour Bogota)
Bogota - Villa de Leyva / Day 3
Today the colonial pearl of Colombia is waiting for us! Villa de Leyva is a small charming town full of history, architecture and bohemian atmosphere. It is one of the oldest towns in Colombia that seems frozen in time. The main square and most of the streets near downtown are still paved with cobblestones and the best part is the landscape around the town that is amazingly beautiful. We travel by private transport.
Villa de Leyva / Day 4
Today you can spend the day at leisure. You can, for example, get to know the town, walk around, enjoy the beautiful architecture and discover the surroundings of the place. Another good way to do so is by means of the mountain bike trip we offer as an optional excursion. Of course, you can also explore the city by foot! Tonight we sleep another night here in Villa de Leyva before we continue our trip. Optional excursion: Mountainbike tour
Villa de Leyva - Barichara / Day 5
Today we travel to Barichara, a small colonial town where we probably won´t see any other tourists. After we arrive you have some free time to spend. It could be worth to take a rest in order to be able to fully enjoy the amazing hike we´ll be doing tomorrow.
Barichara / Day 6
We spend another day in Barichara. The best way to enjoy the beautiful surroundings is to do the Camino Real, a hike from the upper plains of Barichara down into the valley to Guane. So if you would to do this hike, feel free to join us! This trek takes us about 400 meter down into the forest and farmlands of Santander. Our guide can tell us all the stories from the colonial times. We might bump into some local farmers at work or walking the same path. If we want we can have a chat with them and you can ask them any question you want (you just need to know some Spanish of course). During the hike we are passing a lot of old farms and the area with its constant change of sun light and shades, blended by green colors and cobble stone on the ground, might make us feel like Frodo on his journey through the shire in the Lord of the Rings movie. Eventually, after aproximately 3 hours of hiking, we step out of this wonderland to reach Guane which is right on the edge of the forest. Here it seems like time has stood still. People are playing domino at the little mainplaza, workers are busy and almost everyone operates his own little garden.
Barichara - Bucaramanga / Day 7
Today we travel to Santander’s capital Bucaramanga. The town is one of the best adventure spots of the country. Going from Barichara to Bucaramanga we pass Chicamocha National Park, which we visit. The tremendous Chicamocha is Colombia´s biggest canyon. We will go up by aerial tram and once above, you can take a beautiful hike. After, we continue our trip to Bucaramanga, a modern textil and shoe producing city.
Off to Santa Marta / Day 8
In the morning we drive to Santa Marta, a small beach town. Santa Marta is South America's oldest surviving city and the second most important colonial city on Colombian's Caribbean coast. In the afternoon you will have some time to wander around and find a nice place for dinner. We will spend the night in Santa Marta.
Tayrona National Park / Day 9
We wake up hearing the sound of the sea. Today we are going to visit Tayrona National Park. With its light sanded beaches, palm trees and crystal clear sea water, this park is like true paradise. When we enter the park you can take a hike to reach to the most beautiful beaches. The cabins where we sleep tonight are located in the park, at Arecifes.
Relax & Enjoy! / Day 10
The day starts in Tayrona National Park. Today we can spend some more time on the beach, enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere, the exotic food, the marvelous beaches and the pleasant warm weather. At the end of the day we head back to Santa Marta to spend the night there.
Santa Marta - Cartagena / Day 11
Today we are heading a little back down south to our last destination of the Andes Overland journey, Cartagena. This is another Caribbean town, so we can stay in our easy - going flow. Cartagena de Indias is a city on the northern coast of Colombia and capital of the Bolívar Department. In 1984 Cartagena's colonial walled city and fortress was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site and it is now one of Colombia´s highlights.
Cartagena / Day 12
Cartagena is a beautiful Colombian city, which is really worthwhile to visit. Let’s find out what makes this colonial treasure so special! We included a city tour by foot to show you all important places in town.
The end! / Day 13
Today is the day. After breakfast we leave to the airport to catch our flight. It´s the end of the overland journey for all of us. We hope it has been a wonderful adventure where many great memories have been made. Have a safe trip!


  • 1. English Speaking local guide throughout the tour
  • 2. All transports in private services
  • 3. Accommodation based on double rooms including breakfast
  • 4. City tour by foot for both Bogota & Cartagena
  • 5. Camino Real Hike
  • 6. A visit to Chicamocha National Park

Not Included

  • 1. Not mentioned meals, personal expenses, extras and tips
  • 2. Additional service or optional excursions
  • 3. International flight tickets

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