Andes Overland

How to?

How does Andes Overland work?

The Andes Overland Journey works in a very simple way. Have a look at all the packages we offer and decide which part(s) of the route, if not the whole route, you would like to go on. After, you check for the departure dates and prices and you let us know your decision. Everything else is taken care of! The hotels are booked, an English guide is ready to show you around and if you choose for a comfort journey instead of an adventurous one, there’s even a driver waiting for you. Follow these steps and you will get there easily:

  1. Have a look at all the packages we offer!
  2. Read ¨Practical information¨ for additional information on the countries and other important information.
  3. Read the programs of the Overland journeys available on our website.
  4. Check departure dates and prices which are available in the Menu.
  5. Choose which part(s) of the Andes Overland journey you would like experience.
  6. Decide whether you prefer the Adventurous or the Comfort version of your Overland journey.
  7. Check out the ¨Optional excursions¨available and decide which ones you would like to add to your trip.
  8. Fill out the booking form. We will answer your request and confirm your booking as soon as possible! The booking will be confirmed when the group is complete and latest two months before departure. In case of cancellation we will offer you an alternative.
  9. Book your plane, bus or boat ticket to the place from where your journey starts.
  10. Enjoy Andes Overland!