Andes Overland


Below you can find the answers to frequently asked questions. In case you have other questions or there are some things unclear, please don´t hesitate to contact us. We are pleased to help you further.

Before departure

  • What clothing should I pack for my journey?
    A packing list is provided at our website. Click here to get ready for your journey.
  • Can you help me arrange travel visas?
    Travel visas vary from your nationality and your travel destination. For this reason it is wise to get informed about your visa through the embassy of the country. If you need a visa you can arrange this yourself or make use of a visa processing company.
  • What vaccinations are recommended for this journey?
    Please consult your doctor on vaccinations. It depends on several factors which vaccinations you might need. Personal advice is recommended. If you have personal medical questions, it´s wise to consult your doctor. It is not allowed to bring certain medications into certain countries; please note that this also applies to a lot of subscribed medicines. In this case consult your ministry of Health.


  • Do your tours include international airfare?
    International airfare is not included. Our travelers are coming from all over the world. For this reason it is not possible to include international airfares.
  • Is transfer from and to the airport included?
    Transfers from – and- to the airport are not included. However they can be booked with us in advance. If you prefer to not make us of this service there is always the possibility to take a taxi.
  • Are transfers from and to bus terminals included in the adventure journey?
    For the adventurous ones applies: The taxi’s from/to bus terminals or other places are not included; they need to be paid at time of use. There are some destinations that are difficult to reach by public transport. Where applicable, we have arranged private transport.

About the journey

  • It is possible to choose two or more parts of the Andes Overland that do not follow each other?
    Yes this is possible but you will have to find you own way from the last destination of one part to the first destination of the other.
  • Optional tours
    Pay attention to the ¨Optional Excursions¨ available during your trip, they need to be booked latest some days in advance. All excursions include transport.
  • Which language does the guide speak
    There is a local English and Spanish speaking guide joining us throughout the journey
  • Do I have to join all the group excursions and dinners?
    There are no obligations of joining the group to an excursion or a dinner; you only go where you want to go. The travel program as regards the destinations and optional excursions booked is definitive though and cannot be changed during the journey.


  • Can I book extra nights of hotel accommodation before or after my journey?
    Yes you can, if you would like to book some extra nights before or after the journey, please indicate this during the booking.
  • Can you provide me with a list of the hotels we will be staying at?
    The hotels we offer are categorized in two segments: Adventure and Comfort. A list of hotels for the Adventure journey can be found here. And a list for the Comfort journey can be found here.
  • I’m a single traveler; will I be charged a single supplement?
    It might be possible to share a room with another single traveler. We cannot guarantee the option of sharing a room. If it is not possible to share a room a single supplement is applicable. The cost of a single room varies per journey.

About the travel group

  • Who are my travelling companions?
    Your fellow travelers could derive from different countries which means we travel in an international group.
  • How many people can join a tour?
    A complete group will be formed from 4 passengers or more with a maximum of 20 passengers.