Andes Overland

Comfort Santa Cruz – La Paz

Optional Excursions

It is not required to book the optional excursions in advance! You can decide during the trip which excursions you would like to join.


City Tour – Sucre

It is not just the city center with its pristine Spanish colonial houses and State buildings that make this city so incredibly beautiful. It is also the setting of the place. The city is located close to the Cordillera de los Frailes, a mountainous region of the Bolivian Andes.


City Tour – La Paz

The capital city at the highest altitude of the world actually looks like a moon crater. The city is located at 4000 meter above sea level, at the bottom of a canyon with only the slightest touch of vegetation. Oxygen is scarce here, so take it easy! Fortunately, the life and colors of La Paz are found in its people and its culture, rather than in its landscape. If we take a good look around we can see the indigenous women with bowler-hats (which they wear on one side when they are single and on top of their heads when they are married) and voluminous skirts, the white-shirted businessmen and politicians, the soldiers armed with machine guns and the beggars sleeping in portals. During the tour we visit all highlights of this city and our guide tells us all about the architecture and culture of La Paz.


Tiwanaku Ruins

Tiwanaku is located near the southern shore of Lake Titicaca in the Highlands, at an altitude of 3.850 meters. Most of the ancient city, which was built largely of adobe, has been superimposed by the modern city. However, the monumental stone buildings of the ceremonial center survive in the protected archaeological sites.

From our hotel in La Paz we get picked up to visit the mysterious ruins of Tiwanaku on the southeastern shores of Tititica Lake. Upon our arrival we first make a stop at the museum which exhibits a collection of lithic and ceramic pieces unearthed at the site. Afterwards we continue to Tiwanaku archaeological site. The site is in a state of disrepair but still stuns, as it boasts many carved images and designs along its walls and doorways along with giant stone monoliths. When we have visited the whole complex we have lunch at a restaurant that belongs to the local family before we return to La Paz.


Mountainbike Death Road

We leave from La Paz at 08:00 for a 2 hour drive until we reach an altitude of 4670 meters. Once we get here the guide explains the tour and we check the bikes and riding equipment before we start the ride. This first part we descent for the right side of the highway, with a lot of caution for the vehicular movement. After approximately 2 hours we arrive at the end of the asphalted road and we leave the snowy landscape of the mountains behind to enter the subtropical jungle of the Yungas. Here we take the car for the steep road up. At Chúspipata we start the second part across the world´s highest downhill track “The death road”.
Eventually we arrive at the beautiful village of Yolosa at 1200 mts. Here we got time for a cool drink and we have lunch at a local restaurant. From here we return to La Paz.