Andes Overland

Comfort Lima – Quito

Optional Excursions

It is not required to book the optional excursions in advance! You can decide during the trip which excursions you would like to join.


City Tour – Lima

In the Historical Center we visit the most important buildings and squares like: Paseo de la Republica, San Martin Square, Main Square, the Government Palace, The Cathedral (the main church), the Archbishop Palace, and the City Hall. After we have seen the historical center we visit the convent of San Francisco, which is the greatest monumental complex of Colonial Art in America. It consists of the Basilica with 21 altars, the Convent of cloister, the Profundis Museum that exhibits 11 paintings of Rubens, the sacristy with paintings of Zurbaran and Rivera and way more. This convent is a cultural patrimony of the world.
The tour continues through the most traditional residential areas of Lima like San Isidro Olivar, the Central Park of Miraflores and the Love Park. The tour ends with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.


Chan Chan complex – Huanchaco beach – Arco Iris Temple or Dragon Huaca – Trujillo

Chan Chan Complex: On this tour we first go to the center of the Chimu Culture, which is considered the largest clay city in the world. In an area of 14 km2 we find the remains of the palace, popular city districts, cultivation fields, cemeteries and all that was achieved by this culture that extended to the North Peruvian Coast.
Huanchaco beach: This charming place is located approximately 12 km north west of the city. They once named this bay Guaukocha which means “Beautiful Lagoon of Golden Fish”. It is the only fishing bay in all of the Peruvian North where the people still use totora rafts that were inherited by their ancestors. In the highest part of the resort we can find a beautiful ancient Colonial church.
Arco Iris Temple or Dragon Huaca:  At only 4 km northwest of the city of Trujillo, in the disctrict of La Esperanza, the Arco Iris Temple is located. This adobe pyramid was the religious center for the Chimu and is approximately 1,100 years old. The foundations are rectangular, and its creators built ramps to create different levels. 


Tucume and Huaca Las Balsas – Chiclayo

First we visit the imposing 26 pyramid site of the Lambayeque culture, which is named Túcume. We continue our tour visiting Huaca Las Balsas. This is a small mound that is located on the southwest corner of the Tucume complex with several overlapping construction phases, all decorated with magnificent murals and beautiful reliefs with mythological motifs. This place is also associated with a residential and domestic sector that included a kitchen, rooms and pens.


Huaca Rajada & Huaca Ventarron – Chiclayo

Huaca Rajada: The tour takes us to the Mochican archaeological reservation, located at 35 km. (21.7 miles) southeast of Chiclayo. In 1987 Dr. Walter Alva began his investigations in this huaca, thanks to an initial hint given by some “huaqueros” (people from the region dedicated to profane huacas), and discovered the tombs of Señor de Sipan (Lord of Sipan), the tombs of priests and of the important Mochicans, which have a ritual character.
Huaca Ventarron: Here we find the oldest mural paintings of America! They were recently discovered in a ceremonial center of more than 4000 years old, close to the tomb of the Lord of Sipan.


Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum – Chiclayo

This museum, built in the shape of a pyramid, is one of the most impressive museums in South America. We explore its interiors and meet the Moche kings, who were found in great funeral chambers that were full of golden treasures and sacrificed slaves. We also get to know the mighty Lord of Sipan, a Moche warrior, and a great ruler whose tomb was found inside of a big pyramid full of gold. This was a unique discovery by archaeologists who found this place untouched for over 1500 years. A local expert guides us through the museum and tells us all about the kings and warriors of that time.


Route de las Cascadas Mountainbiking

After breakfast, we’ll will leave for our next adventure: a mountain biking tour along the Route of Waterfalls. The downhill bike run from Baños to the Pailon del Diablo waterfall (Devil´s throat) is the one of the most popular and scenic biking tours in Ecuador. Along the route we can admire various waterfalls like Agoyan and Manto de La Novia, take a cable car or do bungee-jumping (extra cost).In the end we hike down to the impressive Pailón del Diablo. Our transport takes us back to Baños, where you can go relax and enjoy one of the thermal baths.


Rafting Tena

We leave the lodge after breakfast, once we arrive at Tena city we head out into the jungle to reach our site of departure near the village of Cando.Before setting off we receive a life jacket, helmet, a comprehensive safety briefing and we will get introduced to our guide. First we train with our team the paddling techniques needed to navigate our way down the river. Once we are ready we push the boat of the shore and soon we find ourselves being drenched in the first rapids. After this first shot of adrenaline the fun continues as you crash through walls of whitewater, explore a hidden canyon, drift silently along sheer river cliffs, and take a swim in the refreshing waters. During the trip we’ll stop on an spacious beach by the side of the river for a delicious picnic lunch that includes fresh tropical fruits and is served with soft drinks, juice and water. At the end of the trip we celebrate a great day out with a few ice-cold beers or sodas. The drive from the take-out back to Tena takes about ten minutes.


Horseback Riding at El Porvenir

We start our horseback riding tour  from the Hacienda, enter the slopes of Ruminahui upwards through the paramo hills next to the rock, where the magnificent Cotopaxi presents the most imposing scenery. You will also be surrounded by the Ilinizas, Sincholagua Mountains, and the different valleys providing a perfect spot to take a break. Afterwards we head back to the hotel.


City Tour & Mitad del Mundo – Quito

We start the city tour in the heart of colonial Quito where we experience the charm of the Independence Square with its gorgeous Cathedral, Presidential Palace and Archbishop´s Palace. Later on we visit the with gold overloaded church of La Compañia (1605), which is considered to be the finest example of baroque architecture in America. From the historical center we drive up to the Panecillo Hill. Here we meet Quito’s Virgen which is an ideal location for a panoramic view of the whole capital. When we have enjoyed this view we continue the tour visiting the monument of the Middle of the World where we can see the actual Ecuatorial Line where the latitude of  0º 00’ 00” is marked. This place is quite unique since you  can literally jump from the northern to the southern hemisphere of the planet. Inside of the momument we find the Ethnographic Musuem which we visit as well. In the afternoon we return to our hotel.