Andes Overland

Comfort Cusco – Lima

Optional Excursions

It is not required to book the optional excursions in advance! You can decide during the trip which excursions you would like to join. Except for the Inca Trail, Lares Trek, the Colca Canyon Trek and the Nazca Lines Overflight, these excursions you do have to book in advance. Prices are on request.


Inca Trail 4 days

This is the classic four-day trek along the Inca trail to Machu Picchu. This magnificent hike is for travelers who are in condition to hike up to 7 hours, with breaks, in a single day. The pace may be daunting for some, but the beauty and history of the area surround the hiker every step along the way. On the last morning we arrive at Machu Picchu with plenty of time to explore the ruins before returning to Cusco by train.
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Inca Trail 2 days

This option is perfect for those who want to experience a quiet trek without havig to hurry but who don’t have the time for the full 4 days tour. After your trek you’ll spend a restful night in Aguas Calientes and be refreshed and ready for your visit to Machu Picchu the following morning.
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Lares Trek 4 days

This trek is an excellent alternative for those who want to have an insight into authentic communities whilst being surrounded by stunning mountains, lakes and valley landscapes. It begins from a small village in the Sacred Valley passing through traditional, colourful villages and finishing with a visit of Machu Picchu on the Final day.
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Colca Canyon Trek 4 days

The Colca canyon is a canyon of the Colca River and together with the Colca Valley the third most – visited tourist destination in Peru. When walking the Colca Trek we can enjoy the majestic views of several volcanoes, Altiplano’s and valleys and we will visit the National Reserve and an Andean community. In between the hikes you will spot some amazing wildlife like the Pampa Cañahuas and the Condors the canyon is known for. Of course there is also some time to relax and to give your feet some rest in the pool of the lodgment and during our visit to the natural hot springs.
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Nazca Lines Overflight

This tour is the Nazca lines overflight. Private transportation takes us to the departure place. The Nazca lines cover a surface area of more than 500 square km. of desert between Palpa, Nazca and Pampa Colorada. They represent the most varied types of figures, a bird, an enormous monkey, a spider and a large number of geometrical lines (an aerial view is a must).  Why these fantastic lines were made is still unknown and the mystery continues in spite of Dr. María Reiche’s prolonged investigations.


Huacachina Sand Boarding

This is our traditional dune buggy tour. The buggies are controlled by experts while we  explore the nearby dunes and desert. This tour is catered in the sense that it can be a soft trip into the desert with more of a focus on sight-seeing and photography, or it can be an adrenaline experience with speed and big drops as the dune buggy plummets down a dune. The tour includes sandboarding, in which the driver instructs you, however there are some tourists who opt not to practice this sport. In such case you can wait inside the buggy while others do the sandboarding and ride down the dune in the buggy.


City Tour – Lima

In the Historical Center we visit the most important buildings and squares like: Paseo de la Republica, San Martin Square, Main Square, the Government Palace, The Cathedral (the main church), the Archbishop Palace, and the City Hall. After we have seen the historical center we visit the convent of San Francisco, which is the greatest monumental complex of Colonial Art in America. It consists of a Basilica with 21 altars, the Convent of cloister, the Profundis Museum that exhibits 11 paintings of Rubens, the sacristy with paintings of Zurbaran and Rivera and way more. This convent is a cultural patrimony of the world.
The tour continues through the most traditional residential areas of Lima like San Isidro Olivar, the Central Park of Miraflores and the Love Park. The tour ends with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.