Andes Overland

The little-known places in Ecuador


Ecuador is one of the smaller countries in South America but offers the most diverse geography on our planet. The country has a coast, mountains that are over 6300 meters, rain forest, cloud forest, temperate pine forest, and prairies. The country also includes the beautiful national park of Galapagos. On[…]

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Machu Picchu, the extraordinary architecture landscape

Machu Picchu, Peru

The Machu Picchu one of the most beautiful world wonder of all seven and a must see when visiting Peru. The ruins have been discovered in 1911 by Hiram Bingham and form one of the most extraordinary architecture landscapes in the world. The Machu Picchu has two main areas: one[…]

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Vegetarian in South America

Foto Vegetarian in South America 2

 By Fay Remmers   South America is a beautiful holiday destination. Besides visiting the wonderful places, it is for a lot of people a pleasure to explore the amazing various kitchen. The South American cuisine is well known as one of the best cuisines in the world, but it will[…]

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Ecuador’s Cotopaxi volcano is back to life!

Cotopaxi 1

By Fay Remmers   You have probably heard about Ecuador’s famous Cotopaxi Volcano and its recent restlessness.  The Cotopaxi Volcano, the highest active stratovolcano in the world, has been active since 15 August 2015 again! In 1940 the last small eruption took place. The headlines are bold and the news[…]

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Colombia & Co


While driving up the dusty road you immediately notice the laid back appearance of your surroundings. The authentic yet charming Fincas, the friendly people and breathtaking nature evoke a sense of peace and solidarity. That feeling is complete when you wake up in the morning, staring out of the window[…]

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Cultural Survival in Ecuador

Huaorani Amazonia Ecuador

Indigenous communities & tribes, they still exist. It is not a set play to please the viewer or visitor. It represents the lives of many. Living in a secluded area, reflecting the historical culture of a country by holding on to, what seems to most of us, as somewhat odd[…]

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The majestic Colca Canyon

Colca 6

When someone says Grand Canyon, everybody knows where that person is talking about. Probably not everyone will know its precise location, but “in America” will do. When I say Colca Canyon my guess is that not even half of those people can tell me where it’s situated. Can you? The[…]

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The Volcano Highway


Within the border of Ecuador you will find the volcano highway, where a high number of (volcanic) mountains are situated. In Ecuador you can find the no longer active Chimborazo (6267meters), which is de highest mountain in Ecuador with a permanent ice cap and the Cotopaxi (5897 meters), which is[…]

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Culture & Food!


The Bolivian, Peruvian, Ecuadorian and Colombian cuisines are diverse varying with altitude, regions and associated with agricultural traditions. The foods in all four countries however have a lot of things in common, most importantly carbohydrate-rich foods, rice, corn, and potatoes. Tropical fruit is in all four countries widely available at[…]

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