Andes Overland

Adventure Cusco – Lima

Optional Excursions

Note: the Inca Trail, Lares Trek, Colca Canyon Trek and Nazca Lines Overflight require booking as early as possible, to avoid disappointment.


Inca Trail 4 days

This classic four-day trek along the Inca trail towards Machu Picchu is designed for anyone able to hike up to 7 hours per day, with regular breaks. For most, a week of preparatory conditioning should be sufficient.

The beauty and history of the trail make this a unique experience! We rise early on the final day to explore the magnificent Machu Picchu ruins, before returning to Cusco by train.
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Inca Trail 2 days

A more relaxed itinerary, making use of the local train and including the most impressive segment of the Inca Trail. The longest hike will be 4 hours with breaks.

You’ll be refreshed and ready for the final day, when we explore the astounding Machu Picchu ruins, before returning to Cusco by train.
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Lares Trek 4 days

This alternative route to Machu Picchu takes us through traditional communities that live among the stunning mountains, lakes and valleys. Hiking durations will be 3-4 hours on the first day, and up to 7 hours on the second and third days.

The final day takes us to the incredible Machu Picchu ruins, which we explore for several hours, before returning to Cusco by train.
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Colca Canyon Trek 4 days

The third most popular tourist attraction in Peru is the Colca valley and river. During this extensive exploration of the region, we encounter majestic volcanoes, plains and valleys, as well as a National Reserve and Andean communities.

With condors to be seen, and hot springs to relax the joints, you’ll experience a treat for all the senses!
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Nazca Lines Overflight

The Nazca Lines are as impressive as they are mysterious – giant, ancient inscriptions of animals and geometry carved into the arid desert, and enduring to this day. Covering a total surface area of some 500 square km, a bird’s eye view is obligatory! We take private transportation to the runway, and after an aerial tour of less than an hour, land again, with more questions than we had before…


Huacachina Sand Boarding

A guided dune buggy tour allows us to appreciate the contours of the desert, or raise your adrenaline – whichever you prefer. Expert drivers and your seatbelts ensure safety at all times.

With opportunities for photography and sandboarding, merely let your driver know where to go! Boarding down the largest dunes is great fun, and the buggy can drive you right back up.


Ballestas Islands – Paracas

A little boat trip is all that’s required to reach the Ballestas Island. On the way, we pass an ancient figure carved into the side of a hill – quite similar to the Nazca Lines. On the island there are seabirds, penguins and sunbathing seals to entertain all visitors.


City Tour – Lima

In the historical quarter of Lima, all the most important buildings and squares are on show, from the cathedral to the city hall, palaces and plazas.

Then we pass through the convent of San Francisco, the single greatest exhibition of colonial art in the Americas. It consists of the Basilica with its 21 altars, the convent itself, a museum with 11 Rubens paintings, more paintings by Zurbaran and Rivera, and other delights! It truly is a cultural goldmine.

The tour continues through traditional residential areas and parks of Lima, culminating in the most spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean.