Andes Overland

Adventure Bogota – Cartagena

Optional Excursions

It’s not required to book any of these excursions in advance. You can decide on the day before the excursion, making the whole trip more relaxed and spontaneous.


City Tour – Bogota

Our local guide collects us after breakfast to begin the walking city tour of Bogota. Colombia’s chilly capital, like Medellin, is now a safe, modern metropolis with endless events and activities.

The Candelaria is one of the most interesting neighborhoods, with a bohemian vibe and impressive colonial-era buildings from the times of independence from Spain, complemented by modern skyscrapers like the iconic Colpatria tower.

Our guide takes us around the most important buildings in this governmental district. Then we whizz up the Monserrate Hill in cable cars, enjoying the extraordinary views over downtown Bogota, and realizing just how huge the Colombian capital is.

On this hill, there is a church worth visiting, and a special local drink to sample: Canelazo, which is a hot alcoholic fruit beverage. At the end of the tour, we may have time to visit some of Bogota’s famous museums. The Gold Museum, for example, exhibits the handcrafts and modern art of indigenous peoples, as well as astounding pieces of gold craft from ancient times.


Mountain biking in Villa de Leyva

From Villa de Leyva, we ride along beautiful surroundings and stop at interesting places, including El Museo del Fosil (one giant fossil of a marine dinosaur), La Casa Terracota (an interesting ceramic house), Los Pozos Azules (blue lagoons) and the Monasterio Santo Ecce Homo, dating back to 1620!


Chicamocha National Park

Also known as Panachi, the natural park along the Chicamocha Canyon has spectacular landscapes and offers a variety of activities such as paragliding, fishing, kayaking, rafting and mountain climbing.

We ascend on an aerial tramway that crosses the Chicamocha Canyon towards a 360 degree viewing deck located at the highest point. From here, we hike around the area enjoying the amazing views.


Camino Real – Barichara

This trek takes us deep into the forest and farmlands of Santander, where our local guide will give history lessons and introduce us to farmers passing by.

During the hike we see a lot of old farms, illuminated by the sunlight which highlights the cobblestones, creating a complex ambiance of shadows and shades.

At times, we might feel like Frodo on his fabled journeys through the Shire. After hiking for approximately 3 hours, we arrive at Guane, right on the edge of the forest, where everyone tends their own little gardens, and dominoes are played in the plaza.


City Tour – Cartagena

Cartagena has many interesting sights and faces. San Felipe Fortress, in the center of the city, was built to protect the goods and valuables stored behind the cities thick walls. The impressive view from La Popa Monastery gives us a pretty good impression of  how diverse this city is. From here we can see the old city with its colonial buildings and colourful restaurants and bars, whereas looking a little further we see the busy, economically important Cartagena with its beach-side hotels and skyscrapers. While we see all this our guide tells us his interesting stories  about the beautiful buildings and little plazas.