Andes Overland


Andes Overland

Andes Overland is part of the experienced Tour Operator Pure! Travel Group. Pure! Travel Group consists of Pure! Bolivia, Pure! Peru, Pure! Ecuador & Pure! Colombia, of which all dispose of an office in the country of specialization. As an organization, we have seized this opportunity, bundled our knowledge and expertise and created Andes Overland, a journey of lifetime.

Andes Overland is a new journey, carefully crafted by a highly experienced tour operator with offices in all the countries Andes Overland passes through. This amazing tour takes you on an adventure crossing the Andes, Pacific coast and Amazon jungle of Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Four countries, three borders, 72 days, 10.239 kilometers and 50 destinations we are going to pass before arriving at the most Northern destination, Cartagena. You can join us throughout the whole journey or pick the part you like best.

Andes Overland Complete consist of an amazing 72 days of travelling, however we realize that everyone who has this many days off, is very lucky. Therefore we offer, Your Part of Andes Overland, where you can choose which part or parts of the journey you would like to experience. The 72 day trip is  divided in 6 parts which are all available in the comfortable and the adventurous style meaning you can travel by private transport and stay in comfortable and special hotels, or you go the more budget way by travelling with public transport and sleeping in cozy bed&breakfasts. In order to give you the opportunity to create the desired trip we offer at each destination some exciting optional excursions which you can add to your journey. Being part of the experienced tour operator Pure! Travel Group, we can offer you the best deals on some of the most special destinations of South – America. Go check out the possibilities! You are one step closer to the journey of a lifetime!