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Andes Overland Complete!

Of course we also offer Overland Complete, all our packages combined, a journey of 72 days through Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. You will travel from Santa – Cruz in Bolivia all the way to Cartagena in Colombia, passing the most beautiful places of these Andean countries. The itinerary of the complete trip is the same as the separated packages. However, note when reading those itineraries that the end and beginning of the consecutive trips coincide and thus overlap. This does not mean you will experience the same day twice. Moreover the price for Overland Complete includes a $ 500 discount! For Overland Complete the same applies as for the packages. You can customize your trip by choosing the adventurous or comfort style and by means of the additional excursions. Don´t worry, even when you book most of our additional excursions, there will be time enough to explore places by yourself or to visit places nearby that are on your wish list. It is important to realize that Andes Overland is part of the experienced Tour Operator Pure! Travel group. Pure! consists of Pure! Bolivia, Pure! Peru, Pure! Ecuador & Pure! Colombia, of which all dispose of an office in the country of specialization. If you would like to plan or discuss the possibilities of leisure activities during the trip in advance, our specialists of each country are more than willing to advise you. Together we can make it happen and together we can make the most of it! We hope you are ready for the trip of a lifetime! For more information consult the package of Overland Complete!